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Frequently Asked Questions

I deleted my advertisement in the Administration Panel, why does it appear in the Summary?

Once you delete your Advertisement, it is deleted from the active Advertisements, however will appear in the Advertisement Summary.

I'm worried about privacy, do you track users on your website?

We value your privacy and we take the strictest approach to protecting your personal information. We use cookies to track your login information only. Your user id is the only information in the cookie. If you have cookies turned off you will have to login each time to get to the Administration panel.

Do you accept other payment methods?

Currently, we only accept Paypal payments. You can make a deposit in the Administration Panel located here: Login.

Why are there scrollbars near the Advertisement I added?

If you see scrollbars, it means the data area of your website is set to smaller than the Advertisement. Try increasing the data area to the size of the Advertisement. If there are still scrollbars showing, try adding a image spacer the size of the Advertisement to the data area.