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The Future of Marketing

Ad's online today are vibrant and steady. As advertisement's are streamed across the media, they become more interesting. With more interesting advertisements, the people become more vivid, and creative. Advertisement's in the future will be more creative, and attract the customer more. Creating more interaction, and better health for the customer. Zerria supplies Pay Per Click advertisement's online.

Zerria is an advertising company which supplies Advertising solutions online to Advertiser's who want to advertise their products. Zerria offers many types of advertisements, from Image Advertisement's to Text Advertisement's, and more. Advertiser's create a Free Account, and submit their advertisement's for approval. The minimum deposit is one dollar. Advertiser's can target their Ad's with a keyword selection system. Once the advertisement is approved, it is streamed across the Zerria Network. Advertiser's can display Ad's from Advertisers and make 75% Commission of the click price. Payments are sent each week via Paypal or by check. Zerria is a tool for advertiser's to advertise their products easily on the Internet. With Advertising being easier for Advertisers, Advertising online should become easier, and prosper more.

Advertising should propel into the next century. Advertisement's will become more technologically advanced, and interact with the customer more. Customer's will be able to do online transaction's from any location. Computing network's will grow, and have monitor locations everywhere. Zerria will advance with these innovation's, and supply Advertising Solution's at all levels. With the technology advancement's, computing will be easier. People will be able to check their E-Mail from any location. Digital delivery of information, and personal finance's will be easier, and people can just plug into a network location to do online transaction's. Once digital delivery is completed, next will be the future of super computing network's, and interterestrial communication's.

By: John D. Hoover Jr
CEO Zerria Advertising, Inc.