- Pay per visit advertising solutions.

Newspaper Article - New Online Advertising Service

Zerria has released today a new advertising service for Advertisers. Now advertisers can pay on a per visit vice per thousand impressions. Advertisers create an account and upload their advertisement. Then deposit an amount for how many visitors they want to recieve. The minimum deposit is $1.00. Per Visit Advertising prices are competitive and industry standard. Advertisers can select from many different advertising methods: Image, Text, and more. Advertiser's submit their advertisements for approval. Once the advertisement is approved, it is displayed across the Zerria Advertising Network. For each visitor that clicks on an advertisement, the advertising click price is deducted from their balance. Advertisers can view their statistics and recieve graphs of their visitors in the Administration Panel.

Affiliates can signup and choose to display Zerria Advertisements on their website. Affiliates make 75% commission of the Advertisement click price. Affiliates are paid each week via Paypal or by check. Affiliates can recieve statistics and graphs of payment information in the Administration Panel. For more information, go to Zerria Advertising at https://www.zerriaadvertisingco.com. To request a Media & Press Kit, E-Mail: press@zerriaadvertisingco.com. Zerria was created by John D. Hoover Jr, the Chief Executive Officer of Zerria Advertising. John D. Hoover Jr is currently completing a Bachelor's Degree at Penn State University. His major is Management Information Systems.