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Advertising from it's Conception. The History of Zerria Advertising Corporation. About Zerria Company.

The Beginning of Zerria

John D. Hoover Jr the CEO of Zerria Advertising was sitting in his college apartment, thinking how to create a business which earned revenue, and one which required minimal intervention. One that will lead the way into the next mellinium. One that will provide a valuable resource to customers. Also, one that will benefit the enviornment, and one that is resourceful to the community. Zerria Advertising was decided to supply advertising space for advertisers.

How Zerria was Formed

Zerria started out as an idea. After tossing and turning for nearly three weeks, and careful planning, it was decided to be a company. Zerria Advertising met with member's of the Board of Directors. After lengthy discussions with the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, it was decided Zerria Advertising was to be a Corporation. Zerria Advertising was to be incorporated under the law's of Pennsylvania Business Corporations.

What Zerria offers

Zerria Advertising offers many advertising solution's for the webmaster. You can add advertisement's to your website, and increase your earning's. There are several Advertising Solution's Zerria offers. Text Advertisement's which are from 100 X 100 to 350 X 350. Also, Zerria Advertising offers Image Advertisement's, which range from small to large. The Image Advertisement's can be stationary, or animated. Text Advertisement's are small, to 350 X 350, and are limited by character. They include a blue HTML link at the bottom of the advertisement to your website.

The Direction of Zerria

Zerria Advertising is going to focus on advertising for the next mellinium. Our primary markets are Commission Based Advertising, and Paid Advertising Solution's for Advertiser's. We have extensive tools for Advertiser's in the Administration Panel to add, and modify advertisement's, and advanced reporting options to view visitors, and costs, including graph's of visitors, and costs. Zerria Advertising plans to be the dominant provider of Advertising for the next mellinium.

The Benefits of Zerria

If you have a website, Zerria Advertising can be a benefit. Your website can increase the amount of customer's it recieves. It can also earn revenue. Zerria pay's 75% commission for each visitor referred. Zerria can add many colorful Advertisement's, and different sized advertisements to your website, which could increase the quality of visitors. With many different sized advertisement's, Button Ad's, Banner Ad's, and Side Tower Ad's, the quality of the customer experience could increase the overall customer experience. With many types of Advertisement's to choose from, your visitor's can be more happy. With Zerria Advertising's keyword selector, you can target your audience, and make your sales leads more certain, and informed about your product, and also ready to buy. With many types of Advertisement's to choose from, and different styles, the quality of your visitor's can increase. With more relevant Advertisement's, the quality of your website can increase with more informational value.

For more information contact Press Release

For more information, you can write to Zerria and request a Press Release Kit. The address is: Zerria Media & Press PO Box 152 Luzerne, PA 18709. You can also request a Press Release Kit via E-Mail, write to: press@zerriaadvertisingco.com with the words "Media & Press Kit" in the subject line. You can also go online for the Media & Press Kit, go to: https://www.zerriaadvertisingco.com/media_and_press.php.

By: Zerria Advertising