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Press Release

Business For Sale

Zerria is for sale. Asking Price is $25,000 Negotiable.

Zerria has grown to 178 Advertisers in it's first month of launch, and a quarter million impressions.

For more info, please E-Mail johndanielhooverjr@hotmail.com or call (570)706-6073 and ask for John D Hoover Jr.

Zerria Advertising Launches New Pay Per Visit Advertising Service That Pays 75% Commission.

Advertise on Zerria for a competitive price. Ad rates start as low as $0.01 Per Visitor.

To get started, click Signup for Free and submit your advertisement, or browse our Advertising prices from the left menu.

Affiliates can display advertisements on their website and receive 75% of the advertisement earnings. Info

There is now 178 Advertiser(s). There has been 229822 advertisement impression(s).

Minimum Deposit is $1.00. Ads are approved within 24 hours.